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Prices on Junkuhn is of course always with a relaxing head massage. Remember there are 10% of pensioners every day 09:00 to 13:00, and 10% student discount every Tuesday.

The following prices are indicative:


Women's cut with washing and blow-drying:
335 kr.
Men's cut with washing and blow-drying:
210 kr.
Children clips from:
145 kr.

Full color

290 kr.
Short hair from:
410 kr.
Middle long hair from:
510 kr.
Long hair from:
600 kr.

Reflexes (multiple colors)

Top and sides:
460 kr.
Short hair from:
485 kr.
Middle long hair from:
725 kr.
Long hair from:
825 kr.

Bryn og vipper

Color eyebrows incl.:
155 kr.
Color eyelashes:
Color Eyebrows and eyelashes incl.:
200 kr.
Kur treatment from:
160 kr.

We make many other exciting things including Hair extensions, spray tan and all kinds of hair setups for any occasion. We can give you a beautiful makeup that suits you. So come on down to the salon and have a chat about prices and get our professional advice for free.